Welcome to Stasis Geek Studio!

     Welcome to the home of the East Coast Geek Podcast and the site of future endeavors into the world of podcasting!  Our first show, the East Coast Geek Podcast, started in January of 2015 and we hope to grow its audience as well as possibly look into expanding our stable of shows within the next five years. 

     Stasis Geek Studio also plans to focus on generating quality articles on subjects that matter to the geek community at large.  Opu's Corner and Jeremy's Rants will strive to provide insight as well as inform you, our readers, of our observations and opinions on the latest news in comics, movies, gaming, and more!

     We here at Stasis Geek Studio strive to bring you a show you want to listen to with the highest quality audio.  If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to email us at Feedback@stasisgeek.com

      If you would like to support the studio with its endeavors like the East Coast Geek Podcast or other content that we create please check out our Patreon Link.