Happy Mother's Day 2015!

How's everyone doing? Hope you're well! Especially all of the mommies out there. Today's YOUR day! So, relax lock the kids out of the house, pull out that bottle of wine you've been saving and curl up on the couch and...

...read an article on my favorite super-powered moms! There's no real order to this list, just whatever came to mind or was recommended to me by friends...so...enjoy.

                                                                                                             Scarlet Witch




 ...Does creating your own children using magic count? Well it's my write-up so we'll just going with "probably".
 Being married to a robot (well, android, kinda) makes it kind of hard to get preggers, so Wanda used the power of magic to conceive, which turned their relationship even more awkward when their robo-daddy gets dismantled and rebuilt as an emotionless android, forcing her to be an almost-single mother.

 ..Oh and her kids ended up being shards of the soul of the demon Mephisto, who was basically Marvel's version of the Devil. Sooo...that happened. 

 Then--after hearing The Wasp mock her desire for motherhood--she decides to go to Doctor Doom for help in trying to get her kids back, and even merges with a mysterious cosmic entity.
  Ah...the power of a mother's love! 

 Except, instead, she goes crazy and decides that it was the Avengers' fault that her kids died and launches and all-out attack on them, which results in the death of Vision and Hawkeye with Scott Lang nearly dying as well...and I don't think she even got her kids back after nearly wiping out the Avengers...hmm.

 Ah...the power of...a mother...scorned...? 



 Geez. This woman is hardcore.                                                         

Geez. This woman is hardcore.                                                        

Kelsey Leigh was happily married English/History schoolteacher with kids (otherwise, why would she be on this list, right?) living in South-East England until her home was invaded by thugs and robbing and then brutally gang-raping her. Fighting back, she managed to hurt one of her rapists who, in turn, cut her face with a broken bottle, permanently scarring her. All the while, her husband was too paralyzed with fear to help her. His guilt over this...uhh...'incident' caused the dissolution of their marriage and making Kelsey a single mother. 

 Somehow, her family eventually found themselves in the middle of a battle between the Avengers and the Wrecking Crew. When Thunderball rendered Captain America unconscious, Kelsey put herself between Captain America, Wasp and their attacker, picking up Cap's shield as a weapon. Kelsey, unfortunately, lacked Cap's strength and endurance and while the shield protected her from being instantly killed by the blows, the impact did inflict mortal injuries and she ended up dying en route for medical treatment. 
  But death isn't badass enough to hold this woman back, she awoke and found herself in a ring of standing stones and met a vision of Captain Britain (Brian Braddock)--who was currently ruling Otherworld and his wife. Deciding to pass the mantle of Captain Britain on--and with Kelsey proving worthy due to her selfless sacrafice--he presented her with the same choice he was given when first becoming Captain Britain: The Sword of Might or the Amulet of Right. Unfortunately, unlike when Braddock was presented the choice, the symbolic importance of the only two choices were not explained to Kelsey. In a desperate need to be with her children again and not seeing how an amulet could defend ANYTHING, she chose the sword (that thing's a sword??) 

 The Sword, however, was the path of violence and Kelsey was instantly transformed into the new Captain Britain. Only then was it explained that if she revealed the truth to her family, it would cost her children their lives. 

 The new Captain Britain gets sent back to Earth just in time to help the Avengers to stop Morgan Le Fey from taking over the planet and proves that she is far more ruthless in battle than her predecessor-- apparently killing Thunderball, impaling him with her sword (did I mention this lady was hardcore? Cuz she is). The Avengers take her kids into their care and accepts an offer to join the team, knowing this will be the only way she can stay close to her children even if she can't be truly reunited with them. Awww...

                                                                                                  Jessica Jones

 Because everything needs a Wolverine appearance.                                                                                                                   

Because everything needs a Wolverine appearance.



Oh my, Jessica Jones, what a difficult life she's lead but hey! You're getting a show on Netflix soon, so I'll skip over most things in case of the dreaded spoilers.

 Anyway, her road to motherhood began when she retired from superheroics and opened a private detective agency during this time, she began an on-again and off-again relationship with Luke Cage (AKA Power Man), until they finally admitted their feelings for each other and--once becoming pregnant--started a committed relationship. Jones then moves on to working for The Daily Bugle getting attacked by Green Goblin who gets beat down by Cage. Afterwards, she ends up quitting the Bugle after a smear campaign initiated by J. Jonah Jameson on the New Avengers (which her baby daddy was a part of), and got revenge by denying them the exclusive rights to the birth of their daughter. (Take THAT old man! That's what you get for hating Spider-Man!)

 She and Luke Cage begin living together and gave birth to a daughter, named Danielle (name after Danny Rand/Iron Fist, Luke's best friend) and then they marry! Though Jones keeps her maiden name, cuz the alliteration is just too cool.

 More things happen, Jones moving to Canada to protect her baby during the Civil War arc, then taking the kid to Stark Tower to try to protect her kid from Skrulls, only for it to have been replaced by a Skrull with the real one kidnapped during Secret Invasion...they get her back, and she eventually decides (with the help of a pep-talk from Spidey) to go back into super heroics as a positive inspiration to her daughter...but...more stuff happens. 


Donna Troy

                                                                                             Finally! I put up a DC character!   

                                                                                            Finally! I put up a DC character!


 Oh boy, this is going to be fun...what a long history with this one. Good thing I don' have to explain everything! Just the relationship and being a mommy! 

 Donna Troy started a relationship with an older professor Terry Long eventually marrying him in a big, lavish ceremony and later ends up pregnant, only to find out in one future that her child is born with the powers of a god and full awareness of them and goes insane, ages himself, kills his mother and calls himself Lord Chaos. Instead of allowing Teen Titans from the future to kill her or her unborn child, she takes a third option: sacrificing her powers to become a mere mortal in order to prevent Robert (her son) from becoming Lord Chaos. 

 Ah, the love of a mother! 

 Except, she regrets her decision and tries to regain her powers and when that fails, she joins the Darkstars. After a series of troubles, including her farm being destroyed, she ends up being divorced and losing custody of her child. She uses the Darkstar suit to help the New Titans for a while, even dating Kyle Rayner for a while...until her ex-husband, son and stepdaughter are killed in a tragic car accident. 

 Well, that was incredibly tragic...and people not into comics think that Teen Titans are all funs and puns. 

                                                                                                             Sela Mathers




Okay, this is mainly an honorable mention suggested to me by a friend... since I haven't read this story yet, so I don't want to spoil it for myself...but seeing the art now, I really want to...So, Sela Mathers! I don't know. Is she even a mother? 

                                                                                                      Sue Storm (Invisible Woman)


 Arguably the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four, Sue Storm is also one of the most famous super-moms out there and while normally a relatively passive personality, the one thing you do NOT want to do is threaten her family, because she will RUIN you. Of course, pictures speak louder than words, so let me just give you some examples...


                                                                        And yet, she still is able to pull off costumes like this after having kids! 

 Well, that's my list of super-moms from the world of comics, but there are plenty more out there for you to find and celebrate! Be sure to post yours in the comment section below! Or not! While you're at it, don't forget to give your mom a hug and thank her for not killing you during your teen years! 



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