Free Comic Book Day 2015

Hello out there! 

 Yeah, so...I was totally going to make a post regarding Free Comic Book Day the other day...but then I forgot to 'cuz of all of the CUH-RAY-ZE-NUS from seeing Age of Ultron (spoiler-cast coming soon! Maybe) and then today I had completely forgotten how to use Squarespace.


 Anyway, unfortunately, I only got a couple of free comics due to everyone else getting to the shop before us, but here's what I grabbed up: 



 Aside from the "Our Country's Veterans" comic, the others are more akin to samplings of the coming stories, not really isolated tales, but free's free, right? Death of Deadpool and Bucky O'Hare were NOT free, but hey, gotta support your comic shops, right? Also, Bucky O' Hare was one of my most favoritest NES games from when I was a kid and I refuse to grow up. 

 So, yeah, while I didn't get to pick up as much of the free comics as I would have liked, just finally getting a chance to go back to a comic shop again was really nice. I even got to see they had restocked a couple more New Mutant 98 issues (the first appearance of Deadpool). This being the same store I purchased my graded copy at, I was surprised to see the price had gone up nearly 200 bucks and from what the store owner told me, it's estimated that it could double that price when the Deadpool movie comes out! And who said comics couldn't be a sound investment? 

  That's all I have for this first entry...maybe next time, I'll make one with an actual point to it, but hey, it's a learning experience for us all! Comment with any comics that you may have grabbed up this weekend. Or this week. Or whatever you want to comment with. 

Thanks for reading


Posted on May 6, 2015 .