It's been a while...

     Sorry for the absence thus far on this blog this year.  It's been a long first half of the year and I haven't been inspired to write, but I'm going to make a concerted effort to try and put some more content up here on the page.  I have been very active on my YouTube page as far as gameplay videos for games like Rainbow 6 Siege, Diablo III, Tom Clancy's The Division, Fallout 4, Elite: Dangerous, and of course the most recent Blizzard release, Overwatch!  All of these games are being played on my new gaming PC. 

     Overwatch recently released on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.  I was fortunate enough to secure the Collector's Edition of the game.  Overwatch is a First Person Shooter very much like Team Fortress 2.  The game includes 21 different characters and 12 different maps gear towards each of the four game modes.  Each character is unique not only in name, but also mechanics of how that character affects the battlefield.  Each of the two teams consists of the players' choices of six of those characters.  The launch of the game was an overall success with very few issues at launch.  Below are pictures of the Collector's Edition unboxing I did.

     This year is also a big year for the boom of Virtual Reality and I dove in head first.  I am the proud owner of an HTC Vive.  Currently there are two big headsets duking it out for the first one to widespread VR home experiences.  So far, the HTC Vive has been the most successful as far as install rate is concerned with the full release headsets.  The are a bit pricey but I'm very happy to report that it is the most immersive experience that I have ever had in my lifetime.  Soon, I will have a VR section on my YouTube page to feature my gameplay from the games I have been trying lately on the Vive.  Here's a few pictures from when it arrived.

     Finally, the last big accomplishment for the year so far is rebuilding the studio with a new, custom-made desk.  It was a lot of work over the first weekend in June in about 16 hours of labor, but it turned out nicely.  I was amazed that it turned out exactly as I planned and drew it out.  It cost about $200 and is sturdier and has more surface space than any pre-built desk you can buy for even close to that amount of money.  It's almost a complete project, however, the legs need to be finished and we may use pin-board to cover that up and dress it up nice.  All and all it really suits my needs for recording as well as a nice surface for the wife and kids computers!

     Like I said, its been a busy first half of 2016 with more fun to come in the next seven months.  Plenty of upcoming game titles in the latter half of the year to stream.  We're still having fun over on the East Coast Geek Podcast.  As I said earlier, I will make a concerted effort to post more content going forward, whether it be game reviews, movie reviews, or even just to check in.  Be sure to come back in the future and stay tuned for more of me and my opinions!


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Posted on June 11, 2016 .